Follicle Density Tests - Males (per test)

Follicle Density Tests - Males (per test)

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3 or more $85.00

The $100/$85 price listed above incorporates increased credit card processing fees.
The price remains at $95 for one biopsy, and $80 for three or more, for people electing to pay by cash, check or bank transfer.
Please read this Important Information Concerning Credit Card Transactions page for more information if wishing to pay by credit card, and for how to pay by check or bank transfer.

Please note: We will not test males under 18 months of age or females under 15 months of age, as we believe that data collected under these ages is not reliable or necessarily representative of an adult alpaca.

You will receive a kit containing everything needed, including the biopsy punch, bottle with formalin, baggie for the fleece sample, addressed padded bag for return of the sample, instruction sheet, information sheet and checklist.

You will receive a written report and histograms by direct email with the fleece sample test data put on a breeder webpage at

Skin Biopsy Sampling Procedure
The collection of a skin biopsy may be done by any competent person. Owners with any doubts about their abilities or skills are advised to consult their veterinarian.

Suggested sampling technique:

  • The sample site is over the third last rib, seven inches down from the vertical of the backbone
  • A fleece sample is collected from the site of the biopsy—this sample should be about the size of a man’s thumb
  • The biopsy site has fiber cut as close to the skin as possible with fine scissors or, preferably, shaved, leaving approximately 2 square inches of bare skin
  • The biopsy punch is placed against the skin and firm pressure applied with a twisting motion (through 90 degrees at minimum). Apply the pressure and finger motion confidently and quickly. The rib bone will provide resistance behind the site and a difference in pressure felt will indicate when the punch is through the skin
  • When the punch is through the skin, remove it and clip the sample free of the underlying muscle or fat with a pair of nail scissors preferably boiled (or washed in antiseptic) for the exercise—often the skin sample will come out with the punch
  • Place the sample in the bottle and complete the details on the label, making sure to firmly tighten the cap
  • Swab the area with betadine or a similar antiseptic. It may be necessary, in isolated cases, to apply a blood clotting powder to stem any blood flow but this is not usually needed
  • It is not considered necessary to stitch the wound as it will scab over quickly and scar to a flat surface. Stitching takes time and can result in a scar which can be a problem at shearing
  • Dispose of the punch carefully as it is very sharp. Use a new punch for each animal
  • Place the sample bottle in the padded mailing bag with the completed information form and fiber sample, and mail it to:
    Ian Watt
    1540 San Bernardo Creek Road
    Morro Bay CA 93442

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