Fiber Tests

Alpaca Fiber Testing USA offers a fast processing turnaround time same-day testing when possible (which is 90% of the time) and within three working days at other times.

Alpaca Fiber Testing USA is proud to be the original provider of the OFDA2000 fiber testing system to US alpaca breeders since 2006. Despite consistent and ill-founded criticism of the technology and reporting abilities of the system, over 1000 alpaca breeders are on our client list and it grows each testing year!

The Premium Fiber Test Information Sheet is here.
The Simple Fiber Test Information Sheet is here.
Please fill the relevant sheet in when sending in samples.
The OFDA 2000 manufacturer recommends a setting change. Please read this article for the story.
You may elect to have an Untrimmed Histogram (as against the currently used High Trim setting) by ticking the box on the Premium Fiber Test Information Sheet. (Please note this applies for the Premium Fiber Tests only.)

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Grid Testing (per animal for three tests)
To get a more complete fleece picture, take a sample from the shoulder, the mid-side and the rump..
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Premium Fiber Tests (per test)
This year we are donating 50 cents of your Premium Test fee to the good folk at the Quechua Benef..
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Simple Fiber Tests (per test)
The Simple Fiber Test Information Sheet is here Please fill this sheet in when sending in sampl..
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