Simple Fiber Test

Simple Fiber Test

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Increased credit card transaction fees are a cost of doing business in these days of high credit card use, but are particularly harsh on small payment sums.
It is now necessary for me to place a minimum number on tests for those valued customers who wish to use their cards for payment for small numbers of tests:
Simple Test: 5
Premium Test: 3

Anyone using less than these numbers can pay by personal check, a method of payment for all tests I much prefer!!
Could I also remind customers that I no longer trade under the Alpaca Consulting USA name, and that checks should be made out to Ian Watt?

The Simple Fiber Test Information Sheet is here
Please fill this sheet in when sending in samples, and send to:
Alpaca Consulting Services USA
1540 San Bernardo Creek Road
Morro Bay CA 93442

A NEW service for American alpaca breeders and growers!

A simple and inexpensive fiber test to enhance your ability to class your fleeces and earn more money for your fiber clip!

Great value at only $2 a test, for which we will provide you with Average Fiber Diameter, Standard Deviation and (new) Comfort Factor numbers by email.

If you sample before shearing (or after shearing and before you skirt) you will KNOW what your fleeces are for fineness and uniformity, and so can more accurately describe your fleeces by taking out the guesswork!

A sample the size of a man’s thumb taken over the third last rib is all we need.

Note: this service does not replace the full test we currently supply and does not give users a histogram, other measurable information or webpage at

The OFDA 2000 test has three major advantages over the traditional US butt sample test:

  1. the test covers the whole of the length of the fiber and more truly reflects the production value of the fleece over a year
  2. the test provides an average fiber profile allowing breeders, and growers, to assess husbandry and environmental effects over the production year, and
  3. the test allows breeders an insight into the effect of micron blow out in both individual animals and bloodlines within a herd


The OFDA 2000 testing regime provides breeders with excellent animal and herd assessment tools for:

  1. making future breeding decisions
  2. assessing past breeding decisions
  3. assessing the effect of environment and management on breeding decisions, and
  4. offers an excellent opportunity to assess current and past management practices


By comparison, the butt sample test reveals production details on one day of the production year.

Alpaca Fiber Testing USA is owned and operated by Alpaca Consulting USA.

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